Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018): Just Another Useless Remake (40%)

The 2018 reboot of The Grinch felt like nothing more than another thoughtless Hollywood remake created with the intentions of capitalizing on an already popular story. The original adaptation, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, was an animated TV special released in 1966. Since it was a TV special, the runtime was approximately 20 minutes and

Bohemian Rhapsody: An Exciting Film but Inaccurate Queen Tribute (80%)

Bohemian Rhapsody will have you stomping your feet and singing in theatres, but it may also leave you irritated if you’re a devoted Queen fan. The movie follows the formation of the band with a focus on Freddie Mercury, capturing their experimentation with music and successes on tour. The film focuses closely on Freddie Mercury

Beautiful Boy: A Compelling True Story of Heartbreak and Addiction (73%)

Beautiful Boy captures the exhausting, cyclical nature of addiction and relapse. This movie is based on the real memoirs of father and son David and Nic Sheff, which follows Nic (Timothée Chalamet) as he struggles with his addiction to crystal meth. The film shows the relationship between the father and son through flashbacks, emphasizing the

Bad Times at the El Royale: Good Times in Theatres (78%)

Bad Times at the El Royale contained elements of action, mystery, and comedy, all of which was tied together elegantly with great cinematography but spiraled slightly out of control at the end of the film. The beginning of this film feels similar to mysteries such as Clue or And Then There Were None—the movie begins

First Man: Interesting but not Incredible (70%)

I walked into First Man with mixed expectations—while I love history related movies, Ryan Gosling is not my favourite actor. Regardless, his acting was up to par for this film and the movie itself was a fairly entertaining watch. The movie follows the life of Neil Armstrong from 1961-1969, showing how he came to be

White Boy Rick: Disappointing Retelling of a Sad True Story (35%)

I was extremely excited to watch White Boy Rick after seeing Matthew McConaughey in the previews, but the movie itself was a very slow and anticlimactic telling of a truly sad story. The movie focuses on how Richard Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt) became the youngest FBI informant. Richard, or “white boy Rick,” was approached by

Searching: A Worthwhile Watch (70%)

Searching was a surprisingly well-written movie with great acting and an interesting twist. The film follows a father’s search for his daughter after she unexpectedly disappears. As the father (John Cho) looks for answers, he discovers his daughter’s life is the real mystery. I attended a screening of this film anticipating disappointment because the story

A Simple Favor: FAVE! See in theatres! (85%)

A Simple Favor is a captivating mix of mystery, thriller, and comedy that deserves all the praise it is receiving! This movie had me snickering nonstop from start to finish, even though I was still engaged with the thriller plot line. The movie begins with an unlikely friendship forming between Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy