Week 8: Copyright

This week we had guest speaker Jon Festinger educate our class on copyright law. I was looking forward to this lecture because I have always found copyright law confusing, especially with people constantly taking items from the internet and doing almost anything they please. What surprised me most about this lecture was the amount of

Week 6: Audience of One

One of the difficulties of this course is figuring out who your target audience is and what design and editorial decisions to make in order to reach that audience. I have been imagining my blog viewers as ages 20-30 roughly—male and female. I imagine my audience does not have any film studies experience, but rather

Week 5: Website Critique

I worked at Landmark Cinemas for over six years, yet I rarely explored their website. I loved working at Landmark. My coworkers were hilarious, my managers were kind, and the atmosphere was positive; it was a great first job. Working there sparked my desire to work in the film industry. I have a personal connection

Week 3: WHO AM I?

John Suler’s exploration of “The Online Disinhibition Effect” made me reflect on my own experiences with developing an “online self.” From the very beginning of Suler’s article, I questioned the extent to which this article would relate to myself. Suler suggests that people “loosen up, feel more uninhibited, [and] express themselves more openly” online, yet

Week 2: Constant WordPress Struggles

*Clears throat and imitates Jeff Probst’s voice* This week on The Confused Student, I found myself falling behind much sooner than I expected. In all seriousness, it’s a horrible feeling starting the semester behind, but alas… it happens. I’m still encountering some issues setting up WordPress. For some reason, I can only log into my account

Week 1: Stranger Danger(?)

A mere few days before reading James Hamblin’s article on “How to Talk to Strangers,” I found myself trapped in a conversation with a stranger on the SkyTrain. I use the word “trapped” because that was genuinely how I felt in that moment, so I was definitely surprised by the claims that Hamblin’s article makes