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A Simple Favor is a captivating mix of mystery, thriller, and comedy that deserves all the praise it is receiving! This movie had me snickering nonstop from start to finish, even though I was still engaged with the thriller plot line. The movie begins with an unlikely friendship forming between Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy blogger, and Emily (Blake Lively), a public relations worker for a high-end clothing company. Soon after becoming friends, Emily asks Stephanie if she can do her a simple favor and pick her son up after school. After making this request, Emily disappears.

Before I rave about the acting, let me first rave about the writing. There are so many quick jokes in this movie; I honestly believe there is a little humour included for every viewer. There are jokes relating to moms and writers, and the dry humour creates unexpectedly hilarious scenes. The director, Paul Feig, also directed Bridesmaids. If you enjoyed Bridesmaids, you will likely enjoy the humour in A Simple Favor.

Now let’s talk about the phenomenal acting duo: Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. This film gave Blake Lively an opportunity to act as a villain. She was amazing! Her smile often comes across as eerily insincere and hollow, which often results in awkward laughter from Anna Kendrick’s character (and the audience). Blake Lively often plays the “pretty girl,” but she was a much more compelling actress while playing the gorgeous villain. Anna Kendrick was equally amazing. Kendrick plays a quirky mom (which isn’t surprising because she typically plays quirky characters). She begins the movie with some funny one-liners, criticizing the other parents for not having a helium tank at home (“are you bad parents?”). Yet, despite her sweet appearance, her character has a dark past, too. This movie pushed Lively and Kendrick to demonstrate their acting range and defy the confines of the typecast roles they often receive.

Strong. Female. Leads.

Do yourself a simple favor and see this movie ASAP.

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