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Michael Myers is back and ready to slash in this 2018 addition to the Halloween franchise. In this addition, Myers escapes prison and chases the one who got away from his murderous hands, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). After Laurie experiences the trauma of watching her friends get murdered in the earlier Halloween movies, she isolates herself in her home with an outrageous security system. Due to Laurie’s paranoia, Laurie teaches her daughter extreme self-defense measures at a young age, which results in her daughter being taken away by social services. Her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) reflects on this experience as her own childhood trauma, and she tries to shelter her daughter from her apparently crazy grandmother. Once Myers escapes again, the movie quickly transgresses from a focus on “family trauma” to a focus on insane slasher murders. This film is gore galore.

Halloween wasn’t a horrible movie to watch in theatres, but it was extremely predictable and just wasn’t anything amazing. To my surprise, there were some really comedic moments in the film, especially involving a young boy being babysat at home, Julian (Jibrail Nantambu). Jibrail stole the show in his few scenes on screen; the audience burst into laughter with the execution of almost all of his lines. When looking at the horror elements, however, I must emphasize that this movie wasn’t very scary. It was just gory. The deaths are quite graphic, so if you have a weak stomach you might want to steer clear.

This movie would be perfect if you’re looking to have a slasher/horror marathon for Halloween, but on the whole it is just an average movie that will soon be forgotten.

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