Bad Times at the El Royale: Good Times in Theatres (78%)

Bad Times at the El Royale contained elements of action, mystery, and comedy, all of which was tied together elegantly with great cinematography but spiraled slightly out of control at the end of the film. The beginning of this film feels similar to mysteries such as Clue or And Then There Were None—the movie begins

The Five: An Amazing Mystery Miniseries (85%)

The Five, an intense one-season series comprised of ten episodes, is a cliffhanger-crazy mystery that will keep you bingeing all night in order to reach the finale. Harlan Coben, an American mystery and thriller novelist, is the creator of this British-produced miniseries. The basic premise of the series is as follows: four young friends (Mark,

Searching: A Worthwhile Watch (70%)

Searching was a surprisingly well-written movie with great acting and an interesting twist. The film follows a father’s search for his daughter after she unexpectedly disappears. As the father (John Cho) looks for answers, he discovers his daughter’s life is the real mystery. I attended a screening of this film anticipating disappointment because the story